Raise money with your virtual collection box

Whether you’re doing a personal fundraising challenge or organising a church collection or sponsored event, you can set up a Virtual Collection box to raise money as an online community.

Three simple steps to changing lives

1. Create your page

Choose a photo from our selection, set a fundraising target, use our template or add your own information about what you’re doing to support The Leprosy Mission. Make sure you encourage your community to join you in making a difference!

2. Share with your friends

Send the link to your page to everyone you’d like to get involved! You could share it on social media, by email or send it to people attending an online church event. They’ll be able to donate and help you reach your goal.

3. Transform lives

Leprosy is a devastating disease which can rob people of mobility, family, jobs, and dignity.  The money you raise will help transform the lives of those it affects. From hospital care and rehabilitation to equipping them to earn a sustainable living, from providing emergency supplies during crisis situations to helping children and young people access education, your compassion will make a huge difference.


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Top Participants
James Pender
Raised £1,866.00
Freya Irvine
Raised £1,160.00
Wendy Piccinini
Raised £890.00
Paul Timmins
Raised £855.00
Clara Volpi
Raised £820.00