Your Fundraising Toolkit

Put the FUN in fundraising!

Here’s everything you need to plan, share and fundraise in support of Community Food Centres Canada and our fight to end food insecurity. 

Getting started

Once you’ve registered, it’s time to start fundraising!

Here's what's next

  1. Choose an event.

    Make a difference by doing something you love like leading a yoga class, celebrating an anniversary or going head-to-head against your frenemy in a Scrabble tournament. It’s totally up to you!

  2. Create your page.

    Capture people’s attention with a short and descriptive name for your fundraiser, share why food security matters to you and set a fundraising goal.

  3. Spread the word.

    Read on for easy ways to let family and friends know that you’re raising money to fight food insecurity.

Email templates

What to Say…On Your First Day

Let your network know you’re ready to raise funds and that they can help you reach your fundraising goals!

What to Say…When You Reach Your Goal

You’re all done raising funds! Now, it’s time to thank the people who donated to your campaign and let them know what they helped you achieve.

What to Say…When People Donate to Your Fundraiser

Be sure to thank the people who donated to your campaign and aim to thank them within 1-2 days!

Social posts

PRO TIP: Add a graphic from the social images section below to your post!

PRO TIP: If you run out of space on Twitter, you can shorten the link to your fundraising page by using a free URL shortener like

PRO TIP: Make it easy for people to find your fundraising page by adding it to your bio on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You can also pin a post with the link on Facebook and Twitter.

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